Bertram and Ernest Discuss Things!

Ernest: Well hello! This is another episode of Bertram and Ernest Discuss Things! What are we discussing today, Bertram?

Bertram: 17776, you fool! You know, the thing we spent hours reading last night, in preparation for this podcast?

Ernest: I was asking for the audience's benefit!

Bertram: Hmph. Sure. So what did you think?

Ernest: I loved it!

Bertram: Of course you did.

Ernest: The world it depicted was so amazing and unusual! I loved how everything seemed so strange at first, but then once they explained the logic behind it, everything made total sense!

Bertram: I guess that's true. Still, this world was set 15,000 years in the future. It seems like a little bit of a copout for the author to keep almost everything almost exactly the same as it was in the present.

Ernest: But see, that's what I'm talking about! It seems odd at first, but once Ten and Juice explain how humans are resistant to change, it all makes perfect sense! And that's the other thing I love about 17776, it starts out so entertaining and funny, but as it goes on it becomes really deep and philosphical.

Bertram: Hmph. I don't know if I would ever describe a story with a foul-mouthed space probe as "philosophical, but I see what you mean.

Ernest: And that's another thing I loved- the characters! There were so many, but they were all unique and interesting, and I got really invested in their stories! Even the side characters, like Lacrecia Evans? Did she ever catch the ball? I have to know!

Bertram: Calm down, Ernest. Okay, I guess some of the characters were pretty interesting. But what about the different styles? Wasn't it annoying to have to click so many links, and then have to stop reading to watch a video?

Ernest: Oh no, not at all! In fact, I thought the story was paced nicely, and the variety of mediums used made the world seem more varied and fleshed out!

Bertram: Yeah, I guess you have a point. So what do you think?

Ernest: Fantastic! 9/10! What do you think, Bertram?

Bertram: Yeah, I mean, I guess it wasn't the worst thing I've ever read.